Spanish exportations grow 18 % in the last five years according to Deutsche Bank data.

Spanish exports reached in 2016 254.000 million euros, the biggest rate of its history!

In a five years period, since 2011, the spanish exportations have grown 18% according to the Deutsche Bank analytics on the evolution of spanish exporters. Automotive leads spanish exports in 2016 with an amount of 48.700 million euros and a share of 19% accumulating a 34% growth in the last five years.

Following automotive, machinery and mechanical devices, electric material; fuels, mineral oil and products from its distillation, plastics and its manufacture. According to this the first five exporter services suppose a 41% of the total amount of spanish exports.

Sixto Rodrigo, Deutsche Bank Director of the Companies Department, states in a press release published by the financial entity: “the Spanish miracle” have been starred by the producers in the last five years. “Producers have been able to broaden their business to new countries while the domestic market shrank resulting in a far more strong export area and internationally competitive ”.
In addition to the biggest spanish export sectors, there are two that have experienced a growth well above the average. We are mentioning clothing and clothing accessories (not including tricot clothes), risen from the 12th to the 8th position with a growth of 80% in five years.

Nevertheless. fuel, oil and mineral sector a decreases of 26% compared with the year 2011.